Saturday, April 6, 2013

PS4 Media Server - Download

PS4 Media Server
PS4 Media Server is a UPnP media server created to support the newest Playstation 4 model gaming system. This server is compliant with DLNA standards

Like its predecessor, this system will probably be upgraded and expanded to be usable with many other systems. Remember the PS3 media server being expanded to work with the xbox 360 and such? Surely they will do the same with this one. (We will let you know when and if they do, don't worry about that!)

What is a media server?

A media server is simply an advanced computer appliance used to provide the end-user with video on demand. Also, it can simply refer to the ability to store things such videos, images, music, and more.

Why do i need it for the Playstation?

You need to keep the media server updated on your game system for many reasons to prevent buggy behavior. Mainly, you will want it so that your PS4 can directly browse files. We will not go into detail on how keeping it updated can help you. Just take our word for it and keep it updated, okay? Okay.

Where Can I Download The Latest PS4 Media Server?

Simple, we will keep this site updated so that the link immediately below this will take you to where you can download (FOR FREE!) the latest version. Enjoy!

Click Here!